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Jonathan Sternberg, Attorney, P.C. - Our Appellate Practice

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About Our Appellate Practice


Jonathan Sternberg focuses his practice strictly on appellate litigation. This includes at every point in a case, not only briefing and arguing appeals and related actions, but also advising trial counsel on procedure and strategy at all stages. He brings a breadth of knowledge to difficult problems in virtually any subject area.

Jonathan is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, every U.S. Court of Appeals circuit nationwide, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He often appears “pro hac vice” in other jurisdictions.

Besides actual appeals, Jonathan also regularly pursues other, similar matters, such as:


  • Assisting trial counsel with motion practice, general research and writing, and error preservation

  • Seeking extraordinary writs to bring unappealable issues before higher courts

  • Habeas corpus and other post-conviction relief from criminal convictions and sentences

  • Post-judgment proceedings in civil cases

  • Declaratory actions and other procedures seeking to enforce or challenge a law

  • Defending lawyers and judges in disciplinary matters

  • Serving as an expert witness on appellate-related issues


Jonathan Sternberg has been counsel of record in more than 125 reported appellate decisions in a wide array of subjects, successfully pursuing commercial, constitutional, criminal, employment, estate, family, insurance, tax, and tort cases, among others. The total amount in controversy of all his cases involving money disputes exceeds $600 million.

Jonathan has written more than 275 appellate briefs and presented more than 125 appellate oral arguments, including 13 before the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Jonathan’s work has included a variety of high-profile cases with high stakes, including:

  • Obtaining millions of dollars’ worth of awards on appeal that lower courts previously had denied

  • Upholding millions of dollars’ worth of challenged verdicts

  • Restoring millions of dollars’ worth of verdicts in higher appellate courts that lower courts had overturned

  • Obtaining new trials for unsuccessful parties in civil and criminal cases

  • Obtaining outright reversals of felony convictions and sentences


Jonathan Sternberg has earned a variety of professional accolades for his work: